Book cover by ”Det är smaklöst, respektlöst och eventuellt kriminellt”.

”Det är smaklöst, respektlöst och eventuellt kriminellt”(”It’s tasteless, respectless and possibly criminal”)
Publication, 68 pages

”It’s tasteless, respectless and possibly criminal” says Mari-Ann Nutti, CEO at the Sami duodji foundation to Rádio Sápmi  about Lisa Vipolas art.

The publication consists of a selection of the texts that was written about the exhibition Genuin Sami Duodji(Äkta Sameslöjd). Texts from for example Flashback, Swedish Radio, Swedish Television, Sami Television, email, text messages, Facebook, Newspapers, Twitter, and Blogs have been used.

The criticism has been directed at the use of the Duodji brand, and there has been reasoning about a charge of trademark infringement. The choice of the material of the bags has been criticized, but above all that I, who do not meet the criteria for the length of the Sámi voice, do not have the right to practice the Sámi culture. The content of the texts is connected with blood as a theme.