Photo: Jean Baptiste Berangér

Publication, 127 pages

An autofiction, consisting of interviews with my parents, my brother, my ex-husband, the new pet parent for my former dog, my former function variation manager at Royal Institute of Art, a student from Royal Institute of Art who had a dog at school, the Agency for Equal Rights, the Asthma and Allergy Association, the principal Marta Kuzmas ex-husband. As well as email extracts from a function variation manager, a librarian, a professor, an in- vestigator at DO, two students, a deputy Vice-Chancellor, a Vice-Chancellor and the head of real estate, purchasing, work environment and security at Royal Institute of Art.

In ACCESSEN we meet the large Siberian husky Gråben, who is closer to me than my biological father. The bearded and aggressive German Shorthaired Pointer Leo, that one day bites out one of Gråben’s eyes. The adventurous Irish setter Grynet, with her long red curls makes the whole village’s male dogs mad in love, but also makes me seriously ill as a severe fur animal allergy sufferer.
The story takes place in the 1980s and 90s Jukkasjärvi, but also in a contemporary art academy board on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm.
The new Vice-Chancellor demands to have her dog at school, despite the knowledge that it makes both staff and students very sick, and in the newspapers her leadership is compared with Stasi methods.
What is your value as a chronically ill person with a disability in a society that despises weakness?
Should equal rights really include everyone?
Does the ten dogs on the Royal Institute of Art they need get killed so that a disabled person from Lapland can make a class trip?

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Participated with ACCESSEN at the symposium The Voice and Institution, at KHIO organized by Lisa Rosendahl and Marthe Ramm Fortun.

Review in Kunstkritikk 13/12-2018