Lisa Vipola holds a MFA from Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. She is a conceptual artist, writer and film director, working with her own biography. Institutional Critique, hierkier, disabilities and the societies fear of weakness are recurring topics in her work.

Her work has been shown at the Italian Palace in Växjö, Västerås Art Museum, the 
Royal Swedish Academy of Arts and at the Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm, and in international group shows such as The Southern Norway Art Museum, Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Los Angeles, and Exhibition Laboratory in Helsinki. Her work in colloboration, the film Journey to the Miracle Man has been shown at several film festivals, such as Superfest International Disability Film Festival in San Francisco, European Film Festival ’Integration You and Me’ in Poland and Riga Pasaules Film Festival in Latvia. She has also received a number of grants such as the R & H Svenssons Grant, the Oscar och Julie Hullgrens Grant from the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts and two-year Working Grant from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.