Resan till Mirakelmannen (Journey to the Miracle Man)
Documentary, 64 min.
Dir: Lisa Vipola, Fabian Wigren
Countries: Sweden, Brazil
Subtitles: English

We, two chronically ill friends travel to Brazil to meet John of God, “The Miracle Man”. None of us believes in the supernatural but our curiosity and the hope of being cured makes us go with an organization that promises healing through spiritual surgery. Will we be helped, indoctrinated
or redeemed?

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Resan till Mirakelmannen had premiere 2018 at Gothenburg Film festival, and have since then been screened in festivals in Sweden, Poland at European Film Festival Integration You and Me (2018), Superfest Disability Film Festival in San Francisco(2018), and Riga Pasaules Film Festival in Latvia(2019) The film was also screened at Gallery Mejan in Stockholm(2018) and at Spitsbergen Artists Center(2023).

still from Resan till Mirakelmannen